Moving beyond stuckness

 Create your own success


What We Do

You are the focus


 I am prepared to help you lead a more satisfying personal and work life. I am not so concerned about leaving behind your frustrations of not having enough time or money. I focus on the "benefit of the benefit".

 My intention is that you be able to do the things you want to do with that time or money. That might be spending time with the family or grandchildren, taking great vacations, or being the leader who truly inspires others to be their best through your example.  

The Technical Stuff


You and I will be the tools we use. I have a number of approaches to finding your passion, unearthing hidden assumptions that influence your choices, building a model of the system of your life, and creating safe ways of trying new approaches to your work and your personal life that will allow you to "be" outside the box rather than simply thinking outside it.


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