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Create your own success through consulting about change coaching and personal development


Change coaching and personal development consulting


You are the focus

My change coaching is aimed at helping you lead a more satisfying personal and work life. As your change coaching consultant, I focus on the benefit of the benefit. 

 My consulting goal in your personal development is that you become a better leader because that produces a better company.


The Technical Stuff

You and I will be the tools we use in your personal development. My change coaching uses a number of approaches to finding your passion, unearthing hidden assumptions that influence your choices. My consulting helps you build a model of the system of your work life and create safe ways of trying new approaches to your work and your personal life that will allow you to "be" outside the box rather than simply thinking outside it.

Getting Started

  • When you think of a wonderful tree you would like to have in your yard, the best time to have planted it was 20 years ago; the next best time is now.

  • We generally don't feel pressure to begin personal development change work. We become accustomed to our habits of thinking and behaving. We learn to tolerate, apologize for, or accept things we would like to change, but don't get around to doing it.

  • You might have a number of goals. I can help you decide where to start


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