Sustainable Change

In our personal and professional lives, it is common to find ourselves unable to make the necessary changes that will allow us to acheive success.

We find ourselves solving the same problem time and again.

The team

Picking up a Daily Planner to gain control of your schedule and increase your time management capacity generally only requires a technical solution: get a planner…and limit your commitments to what will fit.

But if you get the planner and find that a few weeks or months or so later you have fallen back into your old habit…you often need an adaptive solution. One that requires thinking outside the box.

If you are an executive who has difficulty managing your time, delegating responsibility, giving feedback, confronting people about behaviors that need to change, meeting deadlines despite your best efforts, etc. the Immunity-To-Change™ (ITC) process can be very helpful.

ITC work offers a path to adaptive change for executives and individuals interested in personal development that contributes to your business effectiveness and success.

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My Work

At LifeSystems 101 I focus on helping you see how you make sense of things in your life. We explore how you see the way things fit together and interact to create the life that you experience. The “101” label signifies that it is  the foundation of a successful life, rather than a cursory, introductory course.


We generally begin from the place that you are “stuck.” That is often the result of you being somehow, and often mysteriously, committed to things that supersede your dedication to changing something very important in your life. Those other commitments require behaviors that essentially work against your successful change.

The Immunity-to-Change process serves as the foundation for our work together. It is a very effective tool for guiding you successfully to your current goal as well as establishing a process for accomplishing future goals.

By focusing on the deep, fundamental drivers that hold you in place, our work will provide you with an understanding of why you do those things that keep you stuck where you are AND with the ability to change the assumptions that have been guiding you down the same frustrating path.