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Dr. Thomas Milus

I have been in healthcare education and clinical practice for over 35 years. My educational path includes an undergraduate degree in psychology, a doctorate in chiropractic with board certification in orthopedics, graduate studies in behavioral medicine, and a PhD in organizational systems. I am a qualified map facilitator and certified coach in the  Immunity to Change process. 

Each level of my education and training has contributed to the systems approach I use in my coaching. Education, training, and experience have taught me that real changes are only sustainable when other changes to the systems are also made.  The coaching processes I use are very effective for a wide range of challenges from a systems perspective.

The focus of my personal and professional life has been on how we think, why we do what we do, and how our thoughts and actions impact our accomplishments and satisfaction in life as well as our physical health. 


My approach


Through a psychological lens, I see individuals as people faced with making sense of things. Some of the elements are conscious while others work behind the scenes outside awareness. We end up with models of how things work, regardless of their effectiveness.  

As a doctor, I see my patient as someone trying to solve a physical problem. Although many times that problem is the result of an accident or injury, often it occurs as a result of choices based on how he or she makes sense of things.

From an organizational systems perspective, I see the manager/leader as one who uses assumptions and models to make sense of things and guide decisions and work in concert with others.

Weaknesses in personal models can become problematic in a group context.  My work with teams begins with the individual team members.

I have explored a number of tools designed to increase self-understanding and aid in personal development, some of which I continue to use.  Immunity-To-Change™ coaching is an excellent core process for bringing my education and clinical experience together to help you accomplish your personal development goals.