My Perspective

The structures that create meaning in your work, and in your life, are tethered to many other elements. Some are physical persons, places and things; others are thoughts, both rational and irrational.

Those many connections can add great stability to your daily life. Some are under your control; others are not. Attempts to move in one direction or another are generally opposed by a number of connections designed to keep you where you are.

It is usually not a successful option to simply cut the tethers to other elements that you don’t like, or that you believe are the problems. The immediate results can be satisfying, but are often not sustainable. The other elements have been stabilized in part by the tethers you are cutting. Consequently, making difficult changes often requires renegotiating your connections with at lease some of those other elements. In the business world, or personally, this can seem especially risky.

Your knowledge and skills, perceptions of yourself and your capacities, your mental models and assumptions about how the world works and more, certainly contribute to your power to move ahead in your life. But, they all also contribute to holding you where you are, which can be good unless you want to change.

You are likely very familiar with the New Year’s Resolution to changing things in your life. You identify a problem, select from a list of possible solutions, and then begin doing things differently. Sometimes you succeed; you organize your desk, start using a planner, schedule regular staff meetings, begin delegating responsibility, begin “riding herd” on those who report to you, etc. But somewhere down the road, either weeks or months, you find that you have drifted back to square one…sometimes worse.

I can help you:

  • Examine your current models and build new ones as needed
  • Identify hidden assumptions that work against your goals, test them, and then modify them as needed
  • Build a plan for the future based on new assumptions and perspectives
  • Develop a process that you can use over again on other issues

My Mission

My mission is to help increase individual, team, and organization effectiveness by guiding individuals through personal change challenges like fear of taking action, delegating responsibility, poor communication, stress management, and other aspects of personal effectiveness.

At the end of the day, or the end of a project, I want you to be able to sit back and look at your accomplishment with the satisfaction that you did it well…and that the next one will be even better.

I can help you find, and fit, the critical pieces together both personally and professionally.

Milus B&WMILUS Dr. Thomas-Portrait-2014 - Copy

Thomas Milus

I have been in healthcare education and clinical practice for over 30 years. My educational path includes an undergraduate degree in psychology, a doctorate in chiropractic with board certification in orthopedics, post-graduate studies in behavioral medicine, and a Ph.D. in organizational systems and certification in Immunity to Change coaching.

The focus of my personal and professional life has been on how we think, why we do what we do, and how our thoughts and actions impact our accomplishments and satisfaction in life as well as our physical health.

Through a psychological lens, I see the individual as a person faced with making sense of things. Some of the elements are conscious while others work behind the scenes outside awareness. The end result is a model of how things work, regardless of its effectiveness.

As a doctor, I see my patient as someone trying to solve a physical problem. Although many times that problem is the result of an accident or injury, often it occurs as a result of choices based on how he or she makes sense of things. Many of my patients have come from Silicon Valley High Tech companies. Their complaints of headache, neck pain, low back pain, or hypertension are often the result of a failure of their mental models to manage the job stress. Other patients have complaints due to chronic poor dietary choices, inactivity, or inadequate stress management.

From an organizational systems perspective, I see the manager/leader as one who uses models to make sense of things and guide decisions as well as one who works in concert with others doing the same thing. They have all been put together in a social context with a common organizational goal. Weaknesses in personal models can become problematic in a group context.

I have explored a number of tools designed to increase self-understanding and aid in personal development, some of which I continue to use. In my estimation, Immunity-To-Change™ coaching is the best process for bringing my education and clinical experience together to help you accomplish your personal development goals.

I have been using the Immunity To Change mapping process since I discovered it 2001 in How We Talk Can Change the Way We Work.  That  led to facilitator training for the ITC process in 2014 and eventually becoming a certified coach in 2016.

The Immunity-To-Change™ process is a large part of my work. My approach to coaching has also been influenced by additional training/certification in MBTI®, Appreciative Inquiry, Crucial Conversations®, Pyradigm™ systems modeling, Edgar Schein’s work other processes aimed at personal development.