Moving beyond stuckness

Our Services

1. Personal Change Coaching

Personal development needs can range from saving for retirement or finishing projects to exercising or changing your eating habits.

We all get stuck using tools based on assumptions that just don't work for us. They might have been useful at one point in our lives, but not any longer. Most of the time we are unaware that these assumptions are at work. We just experience the frustration of being stuck.

2. Executive Change Coaching

From CEO to team leader, the challenges of delegating responsibility, giving or requesting feedback, meeting deadlines, or 

making or keeping commitments can create real problems. 

My approach will allow you to address your challenge directly and effectively. It is not a tactical quick fix but a deep look at why you are stuck in the first place.

As with the personal change coaching, I am not only trying to help you think outside the box; I am guiding you through the experience of "being" outside the box.

3. Team Change Coaching

Team function is a composite of individual effort. Each person on the team can be contributing to its ineffectiveness in a unique way in addition to the team's "group" thinking.

My work with teams involves first working one-on-one with each member on a personal effectiveness goal relating to the team. That work enhances the capacity for addressing the team's goal.