Each level of my education and training has contributed to the systems approach that I use in my coaching. Training and experience have taught me that real changes are only sustainable when other changes are made to the system.

The coaching processes that I use are very effective for a wide range of challenges.

    • In the work place, I can help with manager/leader work-related efficiency and effectiveness issues.
      • Certain time-management issues, delegating responsibility, asking for or giving feedback, confronting people about behaviors that need to change, meeting deadlines despite your best efforts, procrastination, or being an effective team player are some of the issues that managers and leaders often find difficult to change in themselves or those whom they supervise or direct.
  • Relative to healthy, happy living, nearly any behavior that has resisted change can be effectively addressed.
    • Sustaining a weight weight loss and/or an exercise program, for example, is a real challenge for many.  3.5 people in America out of 10 are obese and nearly 1 in 10 Americans has diabetes (National Institute of Health).  Diet and exercise are the two main recommendations for controlling diabetes. Repeated failed attempts at maintaining healthy eating and exercise is generally the result of not understanding what your “psychological immune system” believes is important. Until you know that it is likely that you will continue to be stuck.
    • Procrastination, making various commitments, following through to the end on projects, finally cleaning out the garage, etc are some of the things that can reduce your happiness.

The focus of my coaching work is helping you discover:

    • Where you are stuck in your work or personal life
    • How and why you remain stuck
    • How you can create a path out of the stuckness
    • How you stay on that path to experience the most personal and professional development
  • The main tools that I use in my coaching are designed to reveal the systems at work in your daily life. Some of these are hidden. They are the things that not only make you successful, but also hold you in place when you want to change. I have selected these tools because they were developed by well-respected professionals in the world of change and have been used successfully with individuals and groups around the world.

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