The statistic of 35.7% of American adults being obese doesn’t really tell the whole story. Think of all those who are not obese, but are carrying any extra 20-30 pounds. The lifestyle that leads to excess weight can be modified.

Everyone is “stuck” with regard to somethings in his or her life. For some it is procrastination or failing to ask for feedback. For others it is smoking, alcohol, or failure to exercise. But for millions of Americans it is a relationship with food that is the problem.

Nearly all diets “work,” if you follow them. They all focus on things like reducing calories, shifting to high-value, low-caloric foods, eating schedules, and exercise. Some have a special theory for why their approach is better than others, but generally little real data that really shows that they have a superior process.

Various eating programs focus on prepackaged, calorie-controlled products available through them. Some even provide a level of coaching. That coaching is generally behavior change, which usually has real sustainability issues.

Some diet programs create support groups and ways of celebrating success. The “success stories” listed on the websites of some of the more famous weight-loss programs generally have an asterisk at the bottom of each saying that the “results are not typical.” That really translates into: “This will not be you!”

My question had always been, “Why will it likely not be me!?” The answer is that these programs generally focus on technical changes: eat differently – different foods, different times, different amounts… That works in the short term for many, but fails in the long term for most. Two years, or less, after the weight-loss success, most have regained the weight…plus more.

The Immunity To Changeā„¢ process holds the key missing from most other programs. As your coach, I will be working with you to get behind the scenes of your eating behaviors. That is where you finally see the machinery of assumptions driving competing goals that have put you where you are…and keep you there.